VOices of the Jungle’ is a 400 paged book i designed for the Brighton based photographer Miguel Amortegui. Every year, thousands of people arrive on the shores of Calais with the intention of crossing the English Channel in search of a better life.
In 2018 I had the pleasure of being asked to design a book for the Brighton based  photographer Miguel Amortegui. Amortegui is a Colombian born, award winning film-maker, photographer, investigative journalist and participatory photography trainer. Amortegui documented the plight of refugees by living in the Calais camps ‘the jungle’ throughout 12 months, participating and leading creative workshops, helping the refugees to share their own stories. ‘Voices of the Jungle’ is a 400 paged book, full of photos and stories taken directly from the residents of ‘the jungle' - written in both English and Spanish. 
For more information about Miguel Amortegui’s work and to buy a copy of the book click here. 
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